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Serene and Strange...

Call it the shadow of myself...

Sometimes the unexplained can speak a dozen lifetimes.
anathallo, anne lamott, antiques, art history, ballet, batman, beaches, ben folds, blue like jazz, blue october, book clubs, book stores, books, buffy the vampire slayer, burritos, california, call the midwife, camping, celtic culture, chai, cheesy horror movies, children, christianity, clothing, coffee, coldplay, comedy, comic books, cosplay, counting crows, damien rice, dancing, david crowder band, david letterman, derek webb, dogs, don miller, downton abbey, dr who, drawing, eisley, england, ephesians, eskimos, esther drang, family, francis shaeffer, gemma hayes, gi joe, gk chesterson, god, he-man, horses, hot chocolate, in-line skating, indelible grace, indie rock, international food, invader zim, italian food, jason upton, jem and the holigrams, jennifer knapp, jesus, john green, jump little children, kickboxing, life!, loveburger, madeline leengle, media literacy, mental floss, mewithoutyou, mike yaconelli, mini-vans, miranda, mockumentaries, montages, movies, mst3k, mumford & sons, musicals, nashville, nature, nerdist, oceans, operas, over the rhine, paintball, patty griffin, phantom of the opera, phillippians, pilates, podcasts, poetry, praise music, prayer, psalms, punk music, purple, queen, rachel held evans, radiohead, reading, relevant magazine, rem, ryan adams, sara bareilles, sarah brightman, seinfeld, she-ra: princess of power, shopping, singing, sleeping at last, smoothies, steep tea, swing dancing, swings, teen girl squad, the foo fighters, the frames, the interwebs, the simpsons, the state, the violet burning, the walking dead, toad the wet sprocket, trees, u2, vanilla, video games, vintage, walking, weezer, wilco, wired, xmen, ya literature, yoga